Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Show our love for Scotland

Sign this petition

 "We in England would like to keep Scotland in the Union" has now been published. You can sign this e-petition at:


  1. I am going to pass on this invitation. I do not have any great love or dislike of Scotland or its people. While I am sure it contributes to the UK, I do not think its independence will make a crucial difference to it. In fact politically Scottish voters are much more inclined to vote for Labour and without those votes we are much more likely to get a sensible right of centre government. I suspect they will in the end vote to remain in the UK in their own self interest. It would be interesting to see the outcome if they don't.

  2. Derek, we would get a Conservative government initially but remember when Labour brought in devolution to Scotland they thought they would be permanently in government there!