About Us

The Campaign for Conservative Democracy was formed in 1994 to campaign for a democratic Conservative Party.   It campaigns under the slogan of COPOV i.e. Conservatives, One Person, One Vote.

The original objective of COPOV was "The creation of a Conservative Party Constitution in which each member has one vote".   In 1994 the Conservative Party did not have a Constitution.   As a result of pressure from COPOV a Constitution was created in 1998, but this Constitution had a major fault line in it as it could only be changed through an electoral college.

Over the years COPOV has extended its objectives by looking at democracy in its widest sense throughout the United Kingdom and within the Conservative Party it has the following main objects:

*   The Constitution of the Conservative Party to be approved or altered on the basis of one member one vote at an AGM of the Party open to all members of which two thirds voting are in favour.
*   The officers of the Conservative Party (Chairman, Treasurer, Chairman of the Candidates Committee, Chairman of the Policy Forum) to be elected by the members of the Party at an AGM which will also adopt the Annual reports of the officers.
*   The democratic principles of elected officers should apply at all levels (national, regional and constituency) of the Conservative Party.
*   Should the Leader of the Conservative Party enter into a Coalition Agreement or Arrangement with another Party this must be endorsed at a meeting of the Parliamentary Party and at a Special General Meeting of Conservative members.


At the Annual General Meeting of COPOV held on 1st April 2017 the following were elected:

Chairman                         John E. Strafford
Deputy Chairmen            Cllr. Derek Tipp
                                        Mike Baker
Hon. Secretary                Caroline Strafford 
Management Committee   Cllr Alan Glass
                                        Stephen Parker
                                        Jo Summer
                                        Julia Long
                                                                                Cllr. Trevor Egleton


  1. This week's announcement on CCO's plans for grassroots association has just increased the importance of this Campaign from useful to vital.

    We are increasingly seeing our democracy being taken over by an inward looking "we know best elite".

    We need to take back control and with it we may attract a wider membership.

    Every week I get an email expousing the "victories" of some minister or another. There is never a return email and always a demand for money.

    This should tell every party member exactly what the leadership thinks of them. Swivelled eyed loons only good to be milked by the gifted elite

    1. Garry, completely agree with you. I will contact you later so we have a joint approach.