Thursday, December 24, 2015

Is this true or is it a wind up?

Subject: FW: State Pension

How come if you can receive benefits up to £26,000 and you don't pay
tax on it, why do you have to pay tax after £10,000 when you go out to
work for it??


The RT. Hon. David Cameron, MP

Dear Prime Minister

I wish to ask you a Question:-  "Is This True?"
I refer to the Pension Reality Check.
Are you aware of the following?

  The British Government provides the following financial assistance:-

(Bearing in mind they worked hard and paid their Income Tax and
National Insurance contributions to the British Government all their
working life) 

Weekly allowance: £106.00?    

(No Income Tax and National Insurance contribution whatsoever)

Weekly allowance: £250.00

Weekly Spouse Allowance:£25.00?

Weekly Spouse Allowance:£225.00

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00?  

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00

A  British old age pensioner is no less hard up than an illegal
immigrant/refugee yet receives nothing.



After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the
growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.
Sad isn't it? Surely it's about time we put our own people first.      



Monday, December 14, 2015

Europe Remain or Leave?

Watch here Edited extracts from a lecture given by Roger Kendrick to the COPOV Forum on 5th December.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

European Union - Remain in or Leave?

At the COPOV Forum on 5th December Roger Kendrick gave an excellent Powerpoint presentation.   The contents of his slides were as follows:
  • Europe
    “Remain In”
    the European Union?

  • Three Key Issues
  • Democracy
  • Prosperity & Economics
  • Future & Who We Are
  • Democracy
  • COPOV Meeting is The Right Place
    Clue in the Name

  • One Person One Vote
  • Fundamentals of Democracy
  • Vote for an MP to Directly Represent Us
  • Majority of MP’s Form New Government
  • New Government not Bound by Past Decisions
    One Exception

  • International Treaties
  • New Governments are Bound by Past Treaty Obligations
  • The Elephants in the Room are the EU Treaties
    If the Treaties Don’t Work for Us
    We Can’t Change Them

  • Brief History
  • 1972
    UK Joins EEC
    (Common Market)
    9 Similar Countries
    38% of World Market (GDP)
    High Tariffs
    Promised UK Veto
    Free Movement of Goods, Services, People & Capital

  • Brief History of Membership
  • 1972
    UK Joins EEC
    (Common Market)
    9 Similar Countries
    38% of World Market (GDP)
    High Tariffs
    Promised UK Veto
    Free Movement of Goods, Services, People & Capital

  • 2015
    EEC  Became European Union
    28 Disparate Countries
    20% of World Market (GDP)
    Low Tariffs
    Qualified Majority Voting (10%) - No Veto
    Free Movement of Goods, (Services?), People & Capital
    Cost £19b Gross & £12b Net pa

  • Prosperity & Economics
    Single Market & Trade
    Free Movement of People & Jobs

  • “In Campaign” Claims
    Being part of Europe:

  • Makes our economy stronger
  • Helps British businesses large and small
  • Creates jobs for British people, and
    Half of everything we sell to the rest of the world we sell to Europe
    The CBI estimates that 3 million jobs in Britain are linked to trade with the rest of Europe

  • UK Trade – 2014
    (£ Billions)
  • UK Trade – 2014
    (£ Billions)
  • UK Trade Balance – 2014
    (£ Billions)
    Huge Deficit With EU
    Surplus With Rest of World
  • Summary
  • Huge Trade Deficit with EU - £62 billion
  • Nearly Double Total Deficit - £35 billion
  • Rest of World – Trade Surplus £27 billion
    What Does That Mean For Jobs?

  • Trade & Jobs
  • If Exports Create Jobs In UK – We Make Stuff
  • Imports Create Jobs Overseas – We Buy Stuff
  • So Imports Cost UK Jobs
  • UK Trade & Jobs

    Deficit With EU Costs UK Jobs
    Surplus With Rest of World Creates UK Jobs
  • Conclusion - Trade With EU
    Costs UK Jobs
    Creates EU Jobs

  • More Jobs in EU Dependant on Trade with UK
  • Than UK Jobs Dependant on EU Single Market
    In Campaign are Wrong About Trade & Jobs

  • But There is More!
    What  Is The Effect of the Free Movement of People?

  • UK Job Creation
  • During Last 12 Months 448,000 Jobs Created
  • Who Got The New Jobs?
  • New UK Jobs – Last 12 Months

    73% of New Jobs To EU Nationals
    27% of New Jobs To UK Nationals
    Not Just One Year
    Long Term Trend
    Getting Worse

  •  Non-UK nationals working in the UK,
    1997  to  2015
  • Economics Is Clear
  • Trade With The EU Costs The UK Jobs

  • Free Movement of People Takes Jobs From UK Nationals
  • Not Just Lost Jobs
    Mass Migration - Putting Huge Strain on:

  • Housing & Unaffordable House Prices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals & GP Surgeries
  • Roads, Railways & Tube
    Capital Cost Of Providing The Infrastructure

  • Telegraph Yesterday
    “Migrants to account for half of new homes”
    The Fact Is
    UK Cannot Cope With Migration on This Scale

  • The Future
    Decision Time

  • What Sort of Country Do We Want To Be?
  • Addressed Three Key Issues
  • Democracy
  • Prosperity & Economics
  • Future & Who We Are
  • Our Decision
  • Remain In
  • Locked In To EU – 20% GDP
  • Controlled By Unelected Brussels Bureaucrats
  • Slow EU Growth
  • Uncontrolled Immigration
  • Lost UK Jobs
  • Contribute £12b pa Net
  • Leave EU
  • Prosper in the fast growing Wider World -80% of GDP
  • Restore Our Democracy & Sovereignty
  • Exports To High Growth World Outside EU
  • Control our Borders
  • British Jobs for British People
  • Spend £12b on NHS & Education
  • Clear Answer?
  • EU Elite Dedicated to Creating  a Single State
  • The UK Never Wanted To Be Part of an EU Nation
  • Time To Get our Democracy Back!
    Vote Leave & Take Control

  • European Union
    “Remain In”

  • European Union
    Vote Leave & Take Control
    of our Country again

  • Thank You For Listening

Migrant Tax Credits and the Law

  SIR - Donald Tusk, the European Council president, is absolutely right if he raises concerns that "to bar EU migrants from claiming tax credits of four years is illegal", (report December 7), because that is the central point.

In a democracy when existing legislation causes problems the Government can change the law and if they don't we, the electorate, have the option to vote in a new government at the next election to make the changes we seek.

The European Union is not designed to work in that way; the electorate cannot vote for change because we do not elect the Commission which makes, (but rarely repeals), all EU laws.

Within two years we will have a referendum when UK voters will have a rare opportunity to exercise their democratic right to accept all present and future EU legislation or to restore our democratic right to vote for new governments to change the way we are ruled.

In the meantime we will see whether the EU addresses the policies that the UK Government would like to see changed?

Roger Kendrick

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mulled Wine & Minced Pies Forum - 5th December

Do join us for a discussion on The Fight against Terrorism, Europe - Remain or Leave and other issues. For full Agenda see Events

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Discussion on defence with Dr. Julian Lewis MP

Totton Conservative Club

Saturday, 7th November 2015

Driving rain and blustery wind did not prevent people from crowding into Totton Conservative Club on Saturday, 7th November to hear a wide ranging outstanding speech on Defence from Dr. Julian Lewis MP, chairman of the House of Commons Defence Committee.   Starting from the first Iraq War his talk covered recent wars which when over had left civilians still in difficult conditions   Libya for example was an almighty mess.  He said that we were bad at predicting wars, such as the 6 Day War or events such as 9/11.   Dr Lewis went on to say that regarding the Syrian debacle, the Russians wanted Assad to win but this country wants both sides to lose!  

John Strafford interviewed Julian Lewis and commenced by saying he agreed 100% with his views, and he was wholly in favour of spending 2% of the Budget on Defence spending, and that more of the budget should be spent on conventional weapons.   John Strafford wondered if we were spending money in the right places

When questioned, Dr Lewis said that if British troops were in the Ukraine but we denied they were there it would be a scandal, but that is what is happening now with Russia in the Ukraine. 

NATO says that an attack on one NATO ally is an attack on all. 

The question of Trident came up not surprisingly.   One member of the audience wanted 10 Tridents and another questioner wondered where, if required, a new base could be found – answer Milford Haven in Wales. The audience included several former service military personnel - so informed questioning ensued.   Queries on  drones, aircraft carriers, state of readiness to respond to attack – all were competently responded to by Julian Lewis.

Cllr Allan Glass closed the meeting after warmly thanking the speaker for an informed speech.

Friday, October 30, 2015

What is the use of Parliament? Churchill speaks!

What is the use of Parliament if it is not the place where true statements can be brought before the people?

What is the use of sending members to the House of Commons who just say popular things of the moment and merely endeavour to give satisfaction to the Government by cheering loudly every ministerial platitude and by walking through the lobbies oblivious of the criticisms they hear?

People talk about our Parliamentary institutions and Parliamentary democracy but if these are to survive it will not be because the Constituencies return tame docile subservient members and try to stamp out every form of independent judgement”.   Winston Churchill 14 March 1939.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Conservativehome survey on what members want

In a survey published in Conservativehome on the 6th October many of the issues which COPOV want are also wanted by a majority of Party members.

1    86% of members want the power to directly elect at least some of the Party Board.
2    61% want to elect the Chairman of the Board.
3.   54% want members to elect the Party Chairman.
4. 50% want the democratic power to amend the Party's constitution.
5 66% want motions to be debated at the Party conference.

Over 950 Party members took part in the survey.

Party Reform advert in Conservativehome 5th October

Campaign for Conservative Democracy

Party Reform

Let's Put Democracy At The Heart Of The Party

If trade unions must be democratic, and we believe they must, then we should set a good example by implementing these reforms in the Conservative Party:

·    The Conservative Party constitution may be amended or changed by the members of the Party at a General Meeting of the Party on the basis of one member one vote provided there is a majority voting in favour of amendment or change and not less than 50% of the members have voted.   Proxy voting shall be allowed.

·    There should be an Annual General Meeting of the Party to which all members are invited. (Note: this meeting should not always be held in the same location so as to prevent it being skewed in favour of members from a particular Region.)

·    The Chairman of the Party should be responsible for the Party Organisation.

·    The Chairman and Treasurer of the Party should be elected by the members of the Party.

·    The Chairman of the Party should present an Annual Report on the Party organisation at the Annual General Meeting of the Party for adoption by the members.

·    The Treasurer of the Party should present the Annual Accounts of the Party to the Annual General Meeting for adoption by the members.

·    The Chairman of the Committee on Candidates should be elected by the members of the Party and should present a report on candidate selection at the Annual General Meeting of the Party.

·    The Chairman of any policy groups should be elected by the members of the Party and should present a report on their workings at the Annual General Meeting of the Party.

·    Motions for debate on policy should be allowed at the Party’s Conference and voted upon.   If due to time constraints all motions submitted cannot be debated the members at the Conference should be able to choose at least three motions for debate.

All motions duly proposed and seconded should be put on the Party’s web site.

·    Regional/Area/Constituency officers should be directly elected by the members of the Party.

·    Should the Leader of the Party enter into a Coalition Agreement or Arrangement with another Party the Agreement must be endorsed at a meeting of the Parliamentary Party and a Special Meeting of members of the Party within seven days of the Agreement or the Agreement will lapse.

If you support these reforms then please send us your name, along with your contact details, such as your email address and constituency and confirm that you are a member of the Conservative Party.  Also let us know if you are happy for us to publish your support.



            Web Site:

            Facebook: Campaign for Conservative Democracy

Friday, September 4, 2015

Date for your diary - 7th November

     New  Forest  East  Conservative Association.


Dr Julian Lewis   MP     Chairman of the Commons Defence Committee  

Mr John Strafford Chairman of C O P O V  a senior Conservative member. 

            Chaired by Cllr Allan Glass.  Chairman of

                        NFE Conservative Policy Forum.

November 7 Th .  Totton Conservative Club.  Congleton Suite.           10/30am to 12/30 pm.

A short speech on defence by Dr Lewis, questions by Mr Strafford then open to the floor for questions.

                Tea and Coffee available

The event is FREE !   But donations for hall costs  welcome.                    

 Published by New Forest East Conservative association.  3 The Parade Southampton Rd Cadnam Hampshire     Saved as Defence Debate

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another survey of Conservative Party members!

If you are a member of the Conservative Party complete this survey.   Hopefully this will be the first of many.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Evening Party

Do come to the COPOV Summer evening party on 22nd August.   For details see events (column on right)

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Our Party's Membership system needs to be abolished and rebuilt for the modern age by Paul Abbott

The following article was published by on 3rd August 2015.   It makes some very interesting points which should be pursued by the Party:

Paul Abbott is Chief Executive of Conservative Way Forward and an Associate Director at Portland Communications.
First, introductions. I have just emerged from a two-year stint in Conservative Campaign Headquarters. First in the press office, then latterly as Chief of Staff to Grant Shapps, who was our political Party Chairman at the time. The second job was fascinating. I absolutely loved it, not least because it involved probably the longest, most gruelling hours I have ever worked in my life.
For 18 months to polling day, the political part of the Chairman’s Office involved a mishmash of media work, diplomacy, leading the Team2015 volunteer project and financing/corralling the teams that led its various offshoots (Roadtrip, larger CF action days, six Battlebus teams, SNP-themed stunts), managing Grant’s support team, coordinating with the rest of the Party, and – from a unique vantage point – getting a helicopter view of the whirlwind of the General Election campaign. The competence and the chaos, the quarrels and the gossip, the victories and defeats…you name it: almost everything tends to fall into the orbit of the Chairman’s Office, at some point. Like the Whips Office, it is a clearing house – a junction box for decisions and bad news.
With Lord Feldman’s Party Review on the horizon, ConservativeHome asked me to scribble down a few observations and thoughts, in answer to this central question: How can we build a Conservative Party machine fit for the 21st century?
This week, I’ll address Party membership.
A standing caveat: I haven’t spoken with anyone in CCHQ before writing this. This is partly because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble – but it is also because the Conservative Party is important to me, and we should take this review seriously. Lord Feldman deserves praise for getting it going. It is long overdue. The group of us who care deeply about our campaign machinery may be quite small, but we should take the time to respond thoroughly, even if it means some quite geeky expeditions into A-B testing and the finer points of our Party’s constitution.
Our Party’s membership infrastructure is broken. Just like the Norwegian Blue in that famous Monty Python sketch, it is a dead parrot. It is not ‘resting’. It is not ‘stunned’. It is definitely deceased. It has ceased to be. It is no more. Our whole membership system needs to be abolished, and rebuilt for the digital age.
The blame lies not with any person in particular, but with our creaking Party Constitution, which needs substantial redrafting. For the fact-fans out there, here is how it currently works:
1) In a rash of enthusiasm you join your local Party, or sign up via
2) You pay a single, one-off fee of £25.
3) You get nothing in exchange for this.
4) Sometimes your data is shared with your local Conservative MP or candidate. But sometimes it isn’t.
5) Sometimes your data is shared with the leaders of your local Association. But sometimes it isn’t.
6) Your data will almost certainly *not* be shared with your local Conservative MEP, Assembly Member, Councillor, Area Chairman, Regional Chairman, or anyone more senior in National Convention, even though they have all been elected to represent you.
7) You will probably be told nothing about your local or regional Party.
8) Around this point, you will start to get letters asking you for money.
9) Your local Party will get taxed £5 by CCHQ, for the privilege of having you on their books.
10) This may sometimes mean that your Association hides you, ‘off the books’, to save money. Other Associations may simply not have the capacity to input your details into their computer system. But, the result is the same: there is a risk that you will never appear on CCHQ’s central database at all.
11) At some stage, if you have been logged onto the CCHQ system, your Association will be asked to reveal your postal address. But they do not have to input your email address, or your date of birth.
12) At the end of the year, your membership will unceremoniously end. Finished! That’s it! You will almost certainly be booted out: and forced to rejoin the Party. If you are lucky, you will get a letter or email warning you about this. But most of the time, you won’t. It is incumbent on your local Party to sign you up again. And, if they don’t bother, tough luck. Welcome to the Tory Party!
This is clearly suboptimal. It means that we leak members like a sieve. It is a rude way to treat our friends, and it is biased towards withholding and hiding data – which causes inactivity at all levels of the Party. It is the opposite of how Netflix, Sky television, or O2 would treat their customers. No-one, if starting from scratch today, would design such a broken system as this. But this is what we have.
There are many problems as a result. Chiefly: CCHQ does not know precisely how many members that we have, at any point in time. Because of our archaic Party Constitution, it is forced to tax local Associations £5 per member, and then guess – based on that sum of cash – at our membership figure about one year in arrears.
The system also causes massive headaches for our campaign efforts. It means fewer people get involved, smaller Associations wither away, and instead we have a massive underclass of registered Conservative supporters – who may contribute financially to our cause, deliver leaflets, share our graphics online, go out canvassing, and yet be denied the full rights of Party membership. For the sake of basic fairness, we have to change this. Everyone who supports the Conservative Party deserves the same rights as everyone else.
There is a final problem. Imagine you are in the CCHQ Press Office, monitoring the news. It is a late on a Friday evening a few days before a crucial election. And then the telephone rings. Disaster! It is a journalist. They tell you: some loudmouth on Twitter – who describes him or herself as a Conservative – has said something appallingly stupid and every newspaper in Britain is now running it tomorrow as an extremely negative story. The journalist asks: ‘Are they a Party member and will they be formally expelled?’ This is a fair question. The problem is, there is no direct way of checking. A modern political party needs the ability to defenestrate idiots and traitors – quickly – at the pace of the news cycle. But, at the moment, our poor bloody infantry in the press office have to simply hedge their bets, and say: ‘We are urgently reviewing this…’
So, how can this be fixed? Here’s what we should do:
1) Hire a proper Membership Department, with the best people from the private sector;
2) Centralise all membership records and all supporter data into CCHQ, so that there is only one kind of member/supporter, and their data is always held centrally;
3) Share all relevant membership and supporter data as widely and proactively as possible, with anyone who has a formal leadership role in the Party – all levels of the elected voluntary party, candidates, MPs, MEPs, Assembly Members, Councillors, you name it, depending on what local area they represent.
4) Devise some sensible rules of engagement for people communicating with members in their area (no spam, an easy unsubscribe function) and enforce those rules diligently.
5) Scrap the £5 per member tax, which is levied by CCHQ on Associations.
6) Instead, allow Associations to set their membership fees locally and then let them keep 100 per cent of the income that they generate. The current £5 levy is chicken feed to the Treasurers’ Department, and the benefits of a mass membership are vastly more desirable.