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Back to politics - Beaconsfield Constituency Conservative Association - Update 15 September


Democracy Turned Upside Down!


Last year the members of the Beaconsfield Constituency Conservative Association fought hard and long to exercise their democratic rights relating to their MP Dominic Grieve.   See “Selection of Parliamentary Candidates below).   Fortunately, he went, and in December 2019 the Constituency elected a new MP, Joy Morrissey who has done a splendid job.

The Officers of the Association who frustrated and blocked the members exercising their democratic rights and gave scant support in getting Joy Morrissey elected, would in normal times been accountable to the members at an Annual General Meeting this year.   However due to the COVID-19 crisis the AGM has not yet been held.   It is now due to held by a Zoom meeting on 18th September.   Voting for the Officers will take place before the AGM on 17th September.   This is the procedure set down by CCHQ   Is not this the wrong way round?  

The two Deputy Chairman from last year have both resigned.   The Chairman is not standing for Chairman but is standing to be a Vice President.   The Treasurer is standing to be Chairman.   So, votes will be taken on the 17th September without having had the opportunity to question the Chairman on his actions during the year or the Treasurer on the Accounts of the Association.   What is it about democracy that these people including CCHQ do not understand?   Democracy is about transparency and accountability.   How do you hold someone accountable if the votes are taken before any questions have been answered?

Fortunately, we have some excellent candidates standing for the officer positions, candidates who believe in party democracy, and I urge every member of the Beaconsfield Constituency Association to vote for them.   They are:

Chairman                                 Dr. Rhiannon Rowsell

Deputy Chairman Political       Cllr. Guy Hollis

Treasurer                                  Rashpal Hullait BA (Hons) FCA

The Deputy Chairman Membership is Kirsty Griffiths who has been elected unopposed and is  excellent.

I understand that the Vice Presidents (all eight of them) will be elected en bloc, including last year’s Chairman, none of whom publicly stood up for the rights of the party members.   In a democracy each individual should be voted upon and isn’t it time that there were time limits on the President and Vice Presidents terms of office of say five years?


2 September

Many of you will remember the undemocratic way the Association was run last year when the members had lost confidence in their MP Dominic Grieve.   Now is the opportunity to put things right.   This letter is for all the members of BCCA:

Dear Colleague,

You will be aware that the BCCA AGM will be held by Zoom on Friday, 18th September at 8pm.   Voting for the Officers of the Association will take place by Zoom on Thursday 17th September  at 8pm.   Further details to follow from BCCA.

Now we can vote for a new team who will actively support our MP, Joy Morrissey.

We need a fresh start with enthusiastic people to take the Association forward.  People who believe in democracy within the Constituency Association and who will unite the Association at this critical time for the Conservative Party.   All three candidates played a major role in the General Election in getting Joy Morrissey elected.   Further details of their CVs will be sent out in due course.

Please support: Chairman                                           Rhiannon Rowsell

                         Deputy Chairman (Membership)       Kirsty Griffiths

                         Hon. Treasurer                                   Rashpal Hullait

Please let me know if you can support the above and also if you can help in the campaign to get them elected?

John E. Strafford

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