Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to win the next General Election by Allan Glass

We agreed to get some ideas together so I thought I would set the ball rolling.
1) Image.
We are unfairly perceived to be out of touch TOFFS who would not know to grab the wooden end of a hammer. This is newspaper propaganda but believed by a lot of people.
We need a Leader, who is not known to "U" turn,
One who has a record of earning a living before entering politics.
2) Stature
We need to show the team who would work for the country in case of a straight victory.
Prime minister this is obvious.
Chancellor should be known as should the justice and schools and all senior ministers be known so we vote for a team not one person. This takes the heat off one person but gives us better coverage.
3) Make more of our successes.
Get out of Europe NOW!
We took over a bankrupt country and we have worked hard with the voters to get the economy back on track.
Acknowledge the suffering of the populous and thank them for helping the country out of our dire financial state. This would both remind the people of Labours legacy and show that our policies are working.
4) Manifesto. Write it and STICK TO IT.
We need to show that we want jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
Support manufacturing as well as banks.
Stop meddling with the NHS any more than we can avoid.
We need to show that we have a team of people, all need to be recognized as an important part of that team. We would miss a dustbin man far more than a banker in the short term. Hospitals cannot run unless the cleaners keep them hygienic. We need to impart British Team spirit.
5) Leaflets.
We need to keep all of our leaflets simple. Have captions (BULLET POINTS) then go into more detail if we really need to. (More people read the Sun than the Telegraph.)
T. V. Get some politicians with PERSONALITY to answer questions. Have a bank of on call politicians to jump to it when the T V or radio wants someone. It shows we have more than one person in the party.
We all need to be working from the same script.
Show we are not LIBERAL DEMOCRAT led political numpties.
That is my starting point for now.

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