Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Cameron should have said

The following letter was published in the Evening Standard on 21st January 2013

In his much delayed speech, Cameron should commit the UK to an in/out referendum to be held on the same day as the next general election.   This gives him almost two-and-a-half years to renegotiate our relationship with Europe which should be ample for the purpose. Since all three parties made promises on a referendum on the EU Constitution which they broke in spirit if not the letter, any date proposed for after the election will not be believed.
Such a bold course is a win-win for the Tories.   Should the commitment to a referendum fail to win parliamentary approval because of Labour and Lib-Dem opposition, Cameron can point to exactly who is preventing the people’s will from being exercised; if it does pass, the electorate will be delighted and he will earn much credit.
Cameron has nothing to fear from the poll itself.   If the people vote No then they will be saying they want our sovereignty and democracy back.  What politician could oppose that?
John Strafford
Campaign for Conservative Democracy

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