Friday, May 22, 2015

Re-Organisation of the Conservative Party

On the 15th May Lord Feldman (Chairman of the Conservative Party) issued a statement included in which was the following:
"So during the coming weeks I will establish a pan-national, across-the-Party review of how we operate. This review will involve members, activists, digital friends, MPs, councillors and professional staff, and I want all the big questions asked: How do we expand our membership, and is traditional membership the only way forward? Is affordability of membership an issue, and what else can we do to make it more attractive? How can we open more doors to those interested in the Party? Is our Party constitution in tune with the times? How do do we build on our progress in attracting people from all backgrounds to become candidates and to enter public life?

This will be a no-hold-barred conversation about how a modern political movement should work. I’ll also be setting up a panel selected from across the Party to take evidence and discuss these issues, with the whole review wrapping up by the end of this year. We will have events, discussion groups, online questionnaires and, I hope, vigorous debate. By then, we’ll have a plan to re-shape our Party, renew ourselves and grow stronger for the years ahead."

This is excellent news and congratulations to Lord Feldman on being appointed the sole Chairman of the Party and also on taking this very important initiative.   COPOV has been campaigning for many years for the Party to be re-organised and brought into the 21st century.   Now is the opportunity.   If anyone has any contributions to make on this topic we would be very interested to hear them.   Over the next few months COPOV will be submitting their views to Lord Feldman listing out what is required.

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