Friday, December 16, 2016

How bad can they get?

Yesterday I received a registration form for the Spring Forum.   That is the good news! At least there will be a Spring Forum next year.   Unfortunately the only information given is that it will be held on Friday 17th March and Saturday 18th March  in Cardiff and the Agenda for it will be sent out on Thursday 16th March. So the following questions remain unanswered:
1) What time does it start on the Friday? Do we need to stay overnight in Cardiff for an early start on the Friday?
2) What time does it finish on the Saturday?
3) Will the National Convention be meeting and if so at what time?

Simple basic questions which any event organiser knows are essential when advertising an event.   This is even more important this time because the Freedom Association are holding their conference the same weekend and many Conservatives will have already booked up to go to that.

It really is time for Conservative Central Office to get their act together - not a good start for the new Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin.   Incidentally where are we on the Party Review?   After vast expense it appears to have turned into a damp squib.   We will shortly let you know what we think the position is if we don't hear from CCHQ in the mean time.


  1. Hi John,
    Long time no parley. Apologies. My fault entirely nothing but interruptions. Per your posts you seem to be hail and hearty which is great.
    As regards the present political scene, I think things look a bit ropey. Therese and her Cab seem more Twitter than Winston. If it wasn’t for Britain in ’14 and ’39 the other 25 wouldn’t have a party/gravy train to go to. Take no guff from the Luxemburg Juncker or Michel Barnier, a graduate from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris who never ran a business. Two can play at trade wars.

    If I don’t get e-mailing again before the 25th, John, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and pleasant New Year. You are a sterling patriot.

    Best regards,
    Peter in Dublino

    1. Peter, many thanks for your kind words. The jury is out re. Theresa and her cab. Otherwise I am in total agreement with you.
      Compliments of the season to you and all COPOV supporters. I hope democracy progresses both in the Tory Party and in the country in 2017.

  2. Thank you, John. You are amazing the sheer volume of your writing and its incisiveness.

    I’m hoping in 2017 to be able to get meaningfully involved. The present and successive Conservative governments are only a tad less corporatist than Labour or the Liberals; offering future generations a lifetime of combined taxation direct and indirect of over 60%. That is bondage. I have been listening to Cobbett’s Rural Rides in audio book from www.archive .org What a man. William Cobbett, Nigel F and John Strafford - Hearts of Oak.
    Enjoy the holiday.
    Brexit Forever. The broad, sunlit upland.

  3. Peter, flattering as ever. Many thanks.