Monday, March 20, 2017

Election Expenses - "Another Fine Mess"

John Strafford explains why the Conservative Party has got itself into problems over election expenses on Channel Four News 16th March 2017


  1. Hi John,
    I hope you are keeping well. Good to see you again on Channel 4 (16 March 2017).
    This is just a short note to offer you and all your colleagues in CCD and the people of London and the UK my support and solidarity post the atrocious attack at the Palace of Westminster on 22/3/2017. So much heartbreak, sadness and pain brought about by a nothing.
    You are still trying to reform the Conservative Party. Personally, I have come to the belief that such efforts are futile as same has been completely hijacked by a bunch of careerists. Talk again soon.
    Best regards,

    1. Peter, thank you for your support and solidarity regarding the attack on Westminster. Much appreciated.
      Regarding reform of the Conservative Party I fear you may be right, but in politics you never know when an opportunity will present itself and you just have to be patient so that you can act accordingly.

    2. Thanks, John.
      I am a social and economic conservative and such, in my opinion, are only vote fodder for modern conservative parties. The modern conservative party is solely about sustaining the controlling elite of a parliamentary party in power, and, to effect such, it will pass whatever legislation, regardless that it is contrary to its core tenets, just so long as such secures it 38% of the general election vote. Thus we arrive at the situation where the UK Conservative Party only tinkers at shrinking the public sector and runs away from the elephant in the room, the fiscal black hole - the NHS. Why vote conservative when all one gets are Labour or Liberal solutions? David and Therese etc have lived for years on Easy Street off the mantra that Labour/ Liberal ‘lite & blue’ is better than the real thing. I, for one, have moved on from that chimera. You presented your book to David Cameron and instead appreciating such experience, wisdom and effort all that really happened was that by default he slipped into the “I hear where you are coming from and we take on board what you’re saying” ignore mode. Aware of the short/medium-term hurt, if the disaffected withdraw their support then the career machine does not get to the table with all its lovely gravy, and eventually, with some humility, it will have return to the “swivel-eyed loons.”
      I’ll sign off here, John. Wishing you a pleasant weekend.
      Best regards,

    3. Peter, there is much in what you say, but do not give up hope that change will happen.
      Nice weekend.